What is ion Cutelaba record?

What is ion Cutelaba record?

The Hulk. Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 205 lbs.

How did Amanda Nunes lose her title?

On Saturday night at American Airlines Center in Dallas, the moves paid off as Nunes reclaimed the UFC bantamweight title she lost to Peña in December, taking a unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-43) in the main event of UFC 277 and claiming a part of MMA history.

Is Nate Diaz vegan?

Diaz, 37, is reportedly a raw vegan, and he credits the diet for his MMA fighting success. The athlete started his vegan journey at age 18, one year after he began fighting professionally.

Who is the heaviest UFC fighter ever?

The heaviest UFC fighter ever weighed an incredible 270kg – which is more than the weight of a baby grand piano. Emmanuel Yarbrough was an American sumo wrestler and one of the original UFC fighters having appeared at UFC 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina back in 1994.

What disability does Ronda Rousey have?

For the first six years of Ronda Rouey’s life, she struggled to form intelligible sentences. While at the time she was not diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, as the condition was extremely rare and not well understood, Rousey did take speech therapy lessons as a child.

Did Peña defeat Nunes?

Amanda Nunes reclaimed the UFC’s bantamweight belt via unanimous decision over Julianna Pena in the main event of UFC 277 in Dallas, Texas on Saturday night. Nunes dominated in every facet and took all five rounds for all three judges sitting cageside.