Where is Arpit Ranka from?

Where is Arpit Ranka from?

Arpit Ranka

What is the age of Arpit?

The NTA has not set any age limit for the candidates applying for the ARPIT exam. All the faculty learners and non-faculty learners candidates can apply for the exam. However, the candidate who has enrolled in any of the 48 courses of ARPIT, will be eligible to apply for that specific exam only.

Who played small Duryodhan in Mahabharat?

Alam Khan as young Duryodhana. Ashnoor Kaur as young Dushala. Aayush Shah as young Ashwatthama. Raj Anadkat as young Vikarna (Third eldest brother among the 100 Kauravas).

Who was Arpit?

The Ministry of Education(MoE) has officially launched online Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT) on 13th November, 2018, initiative of Online Professional Development of 15 lakhs Higher Education Faculty using the MOOC’s* platform SWAYAM*.

What is passing marks for Arpit exam?

ARPIT 2022 will be conducted as a CBT (Computer Based Test) for 3 hours in 2 slots. The paper consists of 100 marks in which negative marking is not applicable. Candidates who score at 50% will qualify.

What is Arpit course?

Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT) ARPIT is going to be an ongoing exercise, so that every year NRCs will continuously develop new refresher module in their earmarked discipline each year and the training material will be uploaded and made available through SWAYAM.