Who is Asher in Euphoria?

Who is Asher in Euphoria?

Ashtray in Euphoria is played by 15-year-old up-and-coming actor and boxer Javon “Wanna” Walton.

Are Fez and Ashtray brothers in real life?

Modern-day Ashtray is played by 15-year-old actor Javon Walton, and fans have just discovered that Javon’s real-life little brother, Daelo Jin Walton, actually plays the young Ashtray we see in flashback scenes. Plus, viewers have found pictures of them together IRL, and they’re so sweet.

What’s ashtrays real name in Euphoria?

Javon Walton, a.k.a. the gun-toting and drug-dealing Ashtray on HBO’s Euphoria, lives a very different life from his onscreen character. He’s just returned from school when he sat down for a Zoom call with EW. He reveals that two odd things happened to him that day.

Who killed Ashtray?

Unfortunately, and inexplicably, the young kid instead locks himself in the bathroom with all the guns he has in the house for one final stand-off. Ashtray ends up shooting a police officer, Fezco gets caught in the middle, and Ashtray then gets shot and killed himself.

Why was Ash killed in Euphoria?

But his storyline reached a dramatic conclusion in the season finale when he ended up in a shootout with a SWAT team. Despite Fez pleading for Ash to turn himself in, Ash refused to surrender and viewers later heard a shot offscreen before hearing the sound of a body thudding to the floor.

Is Ashtray Nate’s brother?

Nate’s Brother Is Ashtray In episode 1 of Euphoria, season 2 it was revealed Ash and Fez were not biologically related but were both raised by Fez’s grandmother (Kathrine Narducci). Ash had been dropped off at her home and his mother and father never returned to collect him.