What does aashna Vijay do?

What does aashna Vijay do?

Aashna Vijay is a famous Social Media Influencer and an Instagram model one of the best and most beautiful models in this modeling industry. Aashna is making her way to the hearts of millions of followers through her cute smile, hot looks, and amazing dressing sense.

Is Ayush Mehra Indian?

Ayush Mehra was born on January 7, 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Who is Niranjan girlfriend?

Niranjan got married at the year 2017 to his girlfriend Yashaswini after getting evicted from Bigg Boss Kannada season 4. On the work front, Niranjan is currently hosting the popular TV show ‘Tutha Mutha’, which is being aired on a popular general entertainment channel every weekend.

Who is aashna Hegde BF?

In 2022, Aashna Hegde was in a relationship with Aditya Kumar, an Indian model, YouTuber, and social media influencer from New Delhi. Aashna dated Sanket Mehta, an Indian model, fashion influencer, and YouTuber from Amritsar.

Who is aashna Hegde mom?

She was known as “Kudesan” in Punjabi. Pakhi was also present. Pakhi also took part in the 2014 Piff & Iffsa Festival. In addition, she appeared in the Tulu film “Bangarda Kural.” She won two prizes for this film: Red FM and Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Tulu Film Festival Award 2015 and Tulu Film Award 2014.

Is Mehra a Sikh surname?

Mehra is a surname found in India and Iran. Also Mehra is a Parsi Girls name, the meaning of the name is “Affectionate, Kind” from Persian origin. This name is mainly used in Parsi. As per Indian Hindu and Sikhism, this name is suggested for Who born with star Magha Nakshatra 4th pada, Simha rasi (Leo)..