What is baby G’s real name?

What is baby G’s real name?

Below, Chiu, 38, who lives in California with her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, and their 2-year-old son Gabriel Chiu III (known by his parents as “Baby G”) opens up about what the cameras didn’t catch on season 1, where she and Anna really stand and more.

Is baby G from Bling Empire a prince?

Aside from his practice, Dr. Chiu is part of a very wealthy family that are actually royalty. Christine explained during a 2019 interview with Town & Country that her husband is “the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty,” making their son “a little prince.”

What surgery did Dr Chiu have to have children?

But that’s exactly what happened on Season 1 of Bling Empire when Chiu surprised everyone by revealing that she and her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, had undergone multiple IVF treatments during a confessional interview.

Why does baby G wear a helmet?

Used to treat flat head syndrome or craniosynostosis, a baby helmet forces the flat spot to round out while the skull plates are still soft and developing.

How old is BABY-G now?

Christine and her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu are Bling Empire stars and they’ve posted tons of cute content of their son, “Baby G.” The toddler is now 2 and a half years old, and he’s heavily featured on Christine’s Instagram grid.

Is BABY-G from Casio?

With its robust shock-resistant structure to protect against shocks and vibrations, the tough BABY-G is ideal for vigorous action in daily life, sports or outdoor activities. The original CASIO structure can withstand even violent shocks from dropping or striking.