Why did Salley and fiance break up?

Why did Salley and fiance break up?

So, what happened between Salley and her smarty-pants doctor fiancé? A source close to Salley exclusively told The U.S. Sun that the Bachelor cast member had called off the wedding in late August. “It was not a mutual decision. There was infidelity on his part, he was unfaithful and that’s when things ended for good.”

Why did Salley Carson call off engagement?

So, why did she call off her nuptials? According to The Sun, Salley’s ex-fiancé was cheating on her at the time of their engagement. “It was not a mutual decision, Salley ended it,” the insider explained. “There was infidelity on his part.

What does Sally from The Bachelor do for a living?

While her ABC bio lists her profession as “previously engaged,” Salley actually works as a spine surgery robot operator.

Why did Sally leave The Bachelor?

At the start of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Salley had recently ended an engagement, and unable to reconcile her feelings about her former fiancé, she left the show before the competition began.

Is Clayton still with Susie?

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans met on The Bachelor and rekindled their relationship off-screen before calling it quits in September 2022. Clayton Echard and Susie Evans’ Bachelor romance was a whirlwind.

Is SALLEY Carson a doctor?

Salley was known in Bachelor nation as a “previously engaged” contestant, but her real job is a spine surgery robot operator. Salley has worked at Medtronic in Virginia since 2019. She started as a Clinical Specialist and is now an Associate Navigation and Robotics Consultant.