Is Kevin Quinn a singer?

Is Kevin Quinn a singer?

Los Angeles-based performer Kevin Quinn is a singer and actor known for his role on Disney Channel’s Bunk’d as well as his earnest acoustic pop. Following his appearance in the 2021 Netflix drama A Week Away, he released his debut solo single, “Wildfire.”

What does Kevin Quinn do for a living?

Kevin Quinn

How far did Kevin Quinn go on American Idol?

After spending most of his childhood playing house league baseball, Kevin ventured toward the performing arts in 2013 when he auditioned for season 12 of American Idol and was one of the youngest contestants to make it as a Hollywood Group Round finalist.

Who is Bailee Madisons boyfriend?

Blake’s Music Career After Bailee Madison let her fans and followers know that she and Blake Richardson were definitely dating, they’re very public about their relationship. Blake recently posted birthday wishes for his girlfriend and she did the same for his 22nd birthday.

Are Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfeld friends?

Check out more photos below of the ravishing Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfeld at the Vanity Fair and L’Oreal Paris DJ Night! They are such great best-friends that their names even rhyme! Such a wonderful friendship!

Why did Grace quit the Good Witch?

Actress Bailee Madison departed the Good Witch after Grace’s high school graduation in the season 5 finale, with Grace leaving Middleton to attend college at her mother’s alma mater, Wellingsley.