What does it take to be a video vixen?

What does it take to be a video vixen?

A video vixen is a paid video model that appears in music videos. A video vixen can be an aspiring actor, model, or even dancer or singer. A video vixen can be a male or a female. The job is not for ladies or women only.

How can I be a vixen?

Being a vixen can be hard work, but the really sharp ones know how to make it look effortless, and now you can to. The first rule of being a vixen is to always exude confidence. The more you have the more it shows. When a woman walks into a room looking fabulous with her head held high people notice her right away.

How much do video vixen make in Nigeria?

An average vixen makes more money than a banker. An average vixen makes close to N150, 000 in a week.

Are there male video vixens?

As Jay-Z once said, “Ladies is pimps, too.” After watching our favorite leading ladies of music have their way with dozens of gorgeous guys in their music videos, we have come to find that this is indeed a fact.

How much do video vixens get paid?

Today, the video vixen business is a money-spinner that has modelling agencies and freelance models making good returns from artistes. On average, a video vixen is paid Sh20,000 for appearing on a video, if they are playing a major role. Others get about Sh5,000 depending on the musician behind the project.

Are video vixens still a thing?

In 2019, video vixens still exist, but they aren’t as prevalent in the same capacity as they were during the hip-hop eras of yesteryear. In the mid-to-late ’90s and early 2000s, rap videos seemingly weren’t complete without a Black woman or a woman of color to focus on.