Was Blair and Serena friends?

Was Blair and Serena friends?

Overview. Blair and Serena are the two central characters of both the Gossip Girl series of novels and the television adaptation. In both, the two often power struggle as they deal with growing up but maintain their relationship as best friends for life.

Who does Serena van der Woodsen end up with in the books?

Shortly after her return, she realizes a lot has changed since she left; including her friendship with her best friend, Blair Waldorf. She then meets Dan Humphrey and the two begin a romantic relationship and soon fall in love.

Who has better style Serena or Blair?

When it comes to casual looks, Serena has a sort of boho vibe going on, and some of her most memorable party looks and gowns are super glam. Blair has a preppy style and is known for signature pieces like tights and headbands.

Who is Blair Waldorf’s best friend?

The story primarily follows Blair Waldorf and her best friend Serena van der Woodsen during their years in high school and college.

Who was most loved in Gossip Girl?

Blair Waldorf is the most loved character from the original series based on our data. Leighton Meester’s fashionable character had the highest number of articles written about her in the past two years (54) and the second highest percent of character Facebook love reactions.

Were Blair and Serena toxic?

Toxic: Every Time They Attacked Each Other In Public Blair constantly degrades Serena and calls her every name in the book. And while Serena is nowhere near as gifted as Blair when it comes to spoken takedowns, she too calls out Blair on her insecurity and self-esteem issues.