Qualcomm: 5G-iPhone September arrival might cancel

The report of Qualcomm’s Q3 earnings might show an upcoming Apple’s 5G iPhones delay, having a highlight of the company as, the late arrival of a global 5G flagship phone launch can leave a partial impact for its projections of the fourth quarter that covers earnings of month July, August, and September. If we look Read more about Qualcomm: 5G-iPhone September arrival might cancel[…]

Blackmagic’s 12K video-camera for $9,995

Use Blackmagic video camera for better 8K or four more Ks. Recently, Blackmagic Design has declared that it will be launching its first 12K video camera, called the Ursa Mini Pro 12K. this video camera is a higher resolution version of the existing Ursa Mini Pro that can shoot at 4.6K. the latest model of Read more about Blackmagic’s 12K video-camera for $9,995[…]

Amazon, Google, Microsoft facial recognition database

These three companies sued over photos in the facial recognition database. Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft used people’s photos so that technologies could be trained for facial recognition without obtaining permission. The photo being referred to be a piece of IBM’s Diversity in Faces database, which intended to advance the study of accuracy and Read more about Amazon, Google, Microsoft facial recognition database[…]

Facebook US Election Political Ad Ban

Historically, the social network encountered criticism over the Ads policies of political These days the Facebook is considering its social network a political-ad blackout due to the upcoming 2020 US election. The report of Bloomberg says that Facebook may face criticism; hence the 2020 presidential election could make Facebook banning the political ad. Even the Read more about Facebook US Election Political Ad Ban[…]

Samsung’s galaxy watch new feature

Samsung’s galaxy watch to get BP Monitoring Feature  Currently, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the most feature-packed smartwatch of Samsung that offers many features activities such as ECG, tracking, sleep tracking, mindfulness, heart rate monitoring, female health tracking, and many more. Samsung is setting to provide new features via a new app that is Read more about Samsung’s galaxy watch new feature[…]