What happened to the book lady on Pawn Stars?

What happened to the book lady on Pawn Stars?

She still appears on Pawn Stars every so often and Rebecca is still working as a rare book dealer. She’s also on TikTok now, where she shares the ins and outs of dealing in rare books.

Who is Adam the book guy from Pawn Stars?

“My personal interest is more in discovering and buying than selling,” said Adam Weinberger, who does business under two names. On the Internet he is widely known as Adam Weinberger – Rare Book Buyer. Using that name he posts interesting and informative educational material about rare books on many platforms.

Does Rebecca Romney have an Instagram?

Rebecca Romney (@rebecca. romney) • Instagram photos and videos.

Why did Ashley leave Pawn Stars?

She said she was overweight and the whole lifestyle was taking a toll on her health. So three months ago, the 38-year-old Oakland County resident left the family business and started Pawn Chick Shopping, a website that sells new jewelry.

Why did the Pawn Stars go to jail?

Corey Harrison, co-star of the TV show “Pawn Stars,” was arrested by California Sheriff’s deputies after they said he shoved a deputy and a security guard. Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, 27, of Las Vegas, was booked into jail Sunday at the Big Bear Lake, Calif.

What is Rebecca Romney doing now?

She offers consultations for her clients at Type Punch Matrix, where book collectors can find rare, collectible, vintage and deluxe editions of a wide range of books. Rebecca has been in the trade since 2007, when she was hired by Bauman Rare Books for their new location in Las Vegas.