What is Caesar’s daughter Instagram?

What is Caesar’s daughter Instagram?

Lydia Caesar (@misscaesar) • Instagram photos and videos.

What happened with Caesar and his daughter Cheyenne?

As we exclusively reported, the realtor called Ceaser out for allegedly abusing her and denied leaking the dog abuse video. Cheyenne advised that she told her father that Suzette was no good and, instead of listening, he defended her regarding the alleged abuse at the time.

Is Ceaser from black ink still with Suzette?

Ceaser and Suzette are back together for the beginning of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Black Ink Crew Season 10 began filming in March 2022, a few months before VH1 cut ties with Ceaser after a video of him hitting his dog went viral.

How old is Cheyenne from black ink?

Who is Cheyenne? Cheyenne is Ceaser’s 17 year old daugher.

Who is Suzette Samuel?

Suzette Samuel is a Realtor There is much more to Suzette than a reality TV star, as she is in fact a licensed Atlanta realtor. She is the founder of A&N Realty, where she works as a Real Estate Advisor. A&N Realty offer listings in Brentwood, California, and Suzette helps you pick the right match for you.

What did Caesar girlfriend say to his daughter?

Meanwhile, Ceaser’s girlfriend Suzette aimed a slew of posts toward Cheyenne via her Instagram Stories and complained the young girl wanted $600 wigs but didn’t want to wash dishes. One of the messages addressed to Cheyenne said, “U were 60 pounds overweight when we got u. We had you in the gym on meal plans.