How do you get a physique like Canelo?

How do you get a physique like Canelo?

Abdomen. TRX Straight and lateral knee crunches (15-20 reps). Chest. Medicine ball alternating push-ups (12 reps). Legs. Kettlebell squats (12-15 reps). Triceps. Bench dips (15 reps). Abdomen. Bicycle crunches (20 seconds). Abdomen. Crunch (20 reps).

What is Canelo’s natural fighting weight?

“Always walking around 180 [pounds],” he said. “I don’t go up; I just lose less pounds.”

How did Canelo bulk up?

He went on a rigorous weight training routine to bulk up for the bout. In fact, Alvarez jumped two weight classes and went from 160 lbs to 175 lbs in a mere six months. He later cut down t0 168 lbs to fight at lower middleweight.

Does Canelo train his neck?

Part of that brutal physical demand was shared by the promoter of the fight, Matchroom Boxing, an agency owned by Eddie Hearn and with whom Canelo has previously worked, so on this occasion they recorded the intimacy of the jaliscian while performing exercises to strengthen his neck.