How many brothers do Canelo have?

How many brothers do Canelo have?

His six older brothers were all boxers, with Rigoberto to later become the interim WBA world champion, and who now advised his baby brother to use his hands when he was picked on.

Did they kidnap Canelo’s brother?

“For three days I negotiated with [the kidnappers] to get them to release him. After I negotiated his release, I was still thinking, imagine if it was my daughter, or my mom or my dad, it would have been even more difficult for me. “And on top of that, I had the fight on Saturday, and I had to do a thousand interviews.

Who is Canelo’s favorite boxer?

“I think Tank is one of my favourites. He’s strong; he’s smart, and he’s very confident.

Who are Canelo’s baby mommas?

Valeria Quiroz Quiroz and Canelo had a romance in 2014. She’s the mother of Canelo’s second daughter, a girl named Mía Ener. Rumors say Valeria Quiroz was a teenager when he had a romance with one of the most wanted drug dealers like Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Is Canelo the richest athlete?

8 on Forbes’ list of highest-earning athletes. Canelo Alvarez remains the biggest earner in boxing.

How much is Canelo salary?

He is reported to earn somewhere in the region of $20 million a year from his real estate investments, as well as owning a couple of extremely profitable taco restaurants in both Mexico and San Diego.