Does Carl Lewis have arthritis?

Does Carl Lewis have arthritis?

‘It has given me constant pain in my lower back which only really stopped throbbing when I didn’t exercise. ‘ In 1993, when Lewis was still a professional athlete, he went to an orthopaedic surgeon about the pain. ‘I suppose you could say I was shocked when he said it was arthritis,’ Lewis said.

How much money did Carl Lewis make?

What is Carl Lewis’ Net Worth? Carl Lewis is a retired American track and field athlete who has a net worth of $8 million.

Is Jerry Lee Lewis still married to his first wife?

In 1952, Lewis wed his first wife, Dorothy Barton, when he was only sixteen. However, the marriage only lasted for less than two years. The “Great Balls of Fire” did not waste much time moving on. A few days after he was officially divorced from Barton, he married his second wife, Jane Mitchum.