Did Chrystal get her weight loss surgery?

Did Chrystal get her weight loss surgery?

Eight months into her weight loss journey, Chrystal made a breakthrough in her weight loss journey. She weighed in at 498 pounds when she followed up with Dr. Now — meaning she had lost 66 pounds over two months and 114 pounds in total. Weight loss surgery was finally within reach.

What happened to Chrystal On My 600-lb Life?

By the end of her episode, she still needed to work on her health before being approved for surgery, but the important thing is that she’s on the right track and now 100 pounds lighter to be there for her children.

Who has passed away from 600 pound life?

Destinee Lashaee, who was the first trans castmember of the TLC reality hit My 600-lb Life, has died at 30, according to a family member’s social media post. No cause of death was given.

Is Ontreon from 600-lb Life still alive?

Now residing in McKinney, Tx., and still married, Ontreon appears to have a positive outlook on life. It is unclear whether or not he is still receiving professional medical guidance on his weight loss, but per his profile bio, “This is the second time go around [attempting to lose weight] and hopefully the last.”

Why does Krystal on my 600 lb life have a beard?

Because Krystal was also suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), she had been faced with hair growth on her face. “When I have to shave my face, I feel so disgusting. I feel like I’m not even a female,” she shared, noting that she never allowed husband Freelin to watch her shave.

How long did Reza take to lose weight?

Within 10 months, he dropped 40 of them. He has kept the weight off. “Revenge Body”’s Ashley Borden launches her fitness app with an exclusive afternoon workout hosted along with Reza Farahan of “Shahs of Sunset.”