Does Claire Saffitz still work at BA?

Does Claire Saffitz still work at BA?

Claire Saffitz elected not to continue her relationship with Bon Appétit video after her contract ended in May 2020, but she remains a freelance contributor to the magazine and website. Claire has since published a New York Times bestselling cookbook, launched a companion YouTube channel, and announced her next book.

Did Claire Saffitz attend Harvard?

Previously, she was Senior Food Editor at Bon Appétit magazine, where she worked for five years in the test kitchen. Claire was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in New York City. She graduated with honors from Harvard University in 2009.

Why did Claire leave Gourmet Makes?

In her statement, Saffitz acknowledges her coworkers’ allegations of racist treatment and unequal payment in the workplace, writing, “I’m grateful to Bon Appétit and CNE for the opportunity to build my career on their platforms, but this opportunity was not granted equally to all.

What did Claire Saffitz major in at Harvard?

She went on to attend Harvard University, graduating in 2009 with an AB in U.S. history and literature, then studied French cuisine and pastry at École Grégoire-Ferrandi in Paris, France.

Why did Molly Baz leave Bon Appétit?

Baz said on Twitter that she will no longer appear in Bon Appétit videos after three stars of color — Sohla El-Waylly, Priya Krishna, and Rick Martinez — announced that they were leaving the video side following failed contracted negotiations.

What is Molly Baz up to?

After Bon Appétit (2020–present) Baz chose a subscription business model for Recipe Club so she could keep developing recipes and prevent herself from “going dark” before publishing her cookbook in early 2021.