Where did Clayton play college football?

Where did Clayton play college football?

College career Clayton played college football at LSU where he was part of the NCAA champion LSU Tigers in 2003. During his three years with LSU, he caught 182 passes for 2,582 yards and 21 TDs for the Tigers, and ended his LSU career with the record for career TD receptions with 21.

When did Clayton graduate from Mizzou?

A former scholarship track and field student-athlete, Clayton received a bachelor’s degree in 1994 and a master’s degree in 1996.

Who did Clayton Gaslight?

Yes, Clayton did gaslight Susie. Rossana Sida. Clayton was deflecting, a type of gaslighting, she explains. But first, here’s the fight, ICYMI: In general, gaslighting happens when one person (in this case, Clayton) makes another person (Susie) doubt their perspective, Sida says.

Who is Claytons brother?

Clayton has two brothers: Nate and Patrick.

Is Clayton Echard and Susie still together?

Echard and Evans announced their split in a joint Instagram statement on Sept. 23, 2022. “With incredibly heavy hearts, we wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways. For anyone who has ever loved, knows this was a painful decision to make and not one taken lightly,” they wrote.

Who did Clayton ride horseback with?

Rachel landed a one-on-one date, during which she and Clayton went horseback riding and attended a BBQ. The two discussed how quickly their connection was developing, and he promised to support the flight instructor’s career after she revealed that her ex did not. Clayton ultimately gave Rachel a rose.