Where are Colin Kaepernick siblings?

Where are Colin Kaepernick siblings?

Kyle Kaepernick is Colin Kaepernick’s older brother. Like Devon, he graduated from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Unlike Devon, Kyle doesn’t have social media, so there isn’t much known about him. However, according to The Sun, he still lives in California like his sister.

Are Colin Kaepernick’s siblings adopted?

Before they adopted Colin, Rick and Teresa had already lost two sons, Lance and Kent, who died at birth due to congenital heart failure, according to ESPN. As The Sun notes, even though Colin has made such a large name for himself over the years, Devon and Kyle stay out of the spotlight and seem to live regular lives.

Does Colin Kaepernick talk to his siblings?

Although they’re not related by blood, Colin has made clear that he still very much sees the Kaepernicks as his family. His birth mother Heidi Russo has made multiple requests to visit or talk to him, all of which Colin has declined. “It’s just — [the Kaepernicks are] my family.

Does Kaepernick have any children?

Athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick and his partner Nessa Diab announced Sunday the birth of their first child. “Colin and I welcomed our amazing baby to the world a few weeks ago and we are over the moon with our growing family,” Diab wrote on Instagram along with a photo of the couple and their newborn.

Was Colin Kaepernick adopted in real life?

His birth father, who is African-American (of Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Ivorian ancestry) and whose identity is unknown, separated from Russo before Kaepernick was born. Russo placed Kaepernick up for adoption and at 5 weeks old he was placed with a white couple named Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

Why did Colin Kaepernick parents give him up for adoption?

Last year, Heidi Russo spoke up in a video and revealed why she gave little Colin for adoption. She was just 19 years old at the time of the pregnancy and hadn’t even gone to college till then. As she was incapable of raising him on her own, Russo had put Colin up for adoption.