Is Craig from Southern Charm still selling pillows?

Is Craig from Southern Charm still selling pillows?

However, it’s his more recent business as a pillow company entrepreneur that has him rolling in dough. His company, Sewing Down South Pillows, has become incredibly successful and he is now doing well for himself after giving up a career in law.

What is Craigs pillow company called?

The Southern Charm cast member is celebrating a major achievement for his Sewing Down South business. Craig Conover just hit a major milestone with his home and pillow business, Sewing Down South.

Where does Craig from Southern Charm sell his pillows?

Now, he’s launching a new collection of fun, whimsical throw pillows and it’s only available at HSN.

Does Craig Conover really sew?

Craig Conover started sewing in 8th grade Home Ec Class, learning to sew by hand and graduating to tote bags and pillows on a simple machine. After a 12-year hiatus, Craig purchased a two-in-one embroidery/sewing machine with the goal to make clothes.

Is Shep and Taylor still together?

Shep and Taylor announced their breakup in July after two years of dating.

Where are Craigs pillows made?

“I don’t think she ever thought we were going to be this successful. And I don’t know why she turned into a catty little child about it. Our pillows are nothing alike. Hers are made in China, ours are made right here in the USA.”