Does D’Andra Simmons own ultimate living?

Does D’Andra Simmons own ultimate living?

This real-life girl boss is the CEO of Ultimate Living International and Hard Night Good Morning Skin Care. Feeling the need to give back, D’Andra takes great pleasure in actively supporting numerous charitable organizations in her local and international community.

What did Deandra do with her money?

In the finale, after a very tough hike, Deandra beat the other finalists on the show, Sunny and Liam Brown, and won the prize money of $50,000. She told viewers that she used the money to open her beauty business called Beaudeeland.

What is Ester Dee worth?

The most recent estimate last year valued her net worth to be around £832,000.

Are Leanne and D’Andra still friends?

But you learn throughout this process how to be a better person and my goal was trying to be less reactionary.” While D’Andra says she still doesn’t have a relationship with LeeAnne, she doesn’t have any ill will towards her.

How did the westcotts get their money?

Kameron married into a family dynasty not unlike D’Andra’s. Her husband Court is a managing partner at the family business, a private investment fund called Westcott LLC that has made the Westcotts one of the wealthiest families in Dallas.

Who owns ultimate living?

Dee Simmons – Owner at Ultimate Living and DAndra Simmons Skin Care – Dallas, Texas, United States | LinkedIn.