Why is Danielle Staub talking about Erika?

Why is Danielle Staub talking about Erika?

The 58-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey alum suggested that Erika give up her luxurious lifestyle and repay the millions allegedly owed to Girardi’s former clients – which the couple is accused of pocketing for their own use. ‘Erika has put herself in a position to be judged,’ Danielle told DailyMailTV.

How did Danielle Staub lose her money?

Danielle — who has been married three times — wed multi-millionaire businessman Thomas Staub in 1993. At the time of their 2007 divorce, she was reportedly worth $3.5 million, but the divorce settlement apparently left her without anything, aside from receiving child support.

Why did Danielle Staub leave housewives after Season 2?

She confirmed she’s leaving to start her own cooking channel since “I find my peace in the kitchen.” You can hear more from her about it in the WWHL clip above.

Are Sutton and Erika Jayne friends?

Though Dorit Kemsley also points out how these two have “made small steps” during the Mexico trip, Erika is quick to clarify that it’s not like she and Sutton are suddenly BFFs. “I don’t put expectations on anything.

What was Danielle Staub addicted to?

As fans know, the porn star was convicted in 1986 for extortion and cocaine possession. She was arrested with six kilos of coke and $16,000 cash. At the time, Danielle’s drug-dealer boyfriend kidnapped a client, and she snitched on him, cutting a deal with federal prosecutors.

Why does Sutton not want to be around Erika?

During an ‘RHOBH’ dinner, Sutton says an attorney contacted her. Stracke didn’t appreciate how Jayne called her a liability to the cast and reveals why. “I didn’t really like being called a friend with liabilities,” Stracke says in a clip via Bravo.