Did Demi Moore really do pottery in Ghost?

Did Demi Moore really do pottery in Ghost?

It took several months for director Jerry Zucker and writer Bruce Joel Rubin to come up with Sam’s last line in the film. Demi Moore wanted the pottery scene to look authentic, so she and Jerry Zucker took pottery lessons. Demi Moore came up with rolling the jar down the stairs, as opposed to throwing it as scripted.

What is the pottery scene in Ghost?

The renowned pottery scene in the film sees a shirtless Swayze sat behind Moore as she carefully sculpts the wet clay. He reaches out and ruins her vase, so they begin a new one together, his hands interlaced with hers, before abandoning the wheel in favour of a loving embrace.

How old is Patrick Swayze Ghost?

Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas, and was 36 years old when filming started. He turned 37 on August 18, 1989. The movie was theatrically released on July 13, 1990, by Paramount Pictures.

What movie is Patrick Swayze pottery?

Swayze brought to their famous pottery scene in Ghost.

Who turned down the lead role in Ghost?

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she was turned down for her iconic role in Ghost but bagged the part after Patrick Swayze refused to be involved until she auditioned. The actress, 64, has lifted the lid on the casting process for the cult film, revealing she was initially turned down due to her persona being ‘too big’.

Was Patrick Swayze friends with Demi Moore?

Several of Swayze’s friends and former co-stars — among them Demi Moore, Sam Elliott, Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey and Kelly Lynch — appear in the documentary, along with his widow Lisa Niemi and brother Don Swayze.