Is Aretha Franklin’s father the father of her first child?

Is Aretha Franklin’s father the father of her first child?

Franklin was the mother of four sons. She first became pregnant at the age of 12 and gave birth to her first child, named Clarence after her father, on January 28, 1955. In one of her handwritten wills, discovered in 2019, Franklin revealed that the father was Edward Jordan.

Who fathered Aretha Franklin’s second child?

But one of the wills states that Clarence’s father was Edward Jordan Sr., with whom she also had her second son, Edward, in 1957. Little is known about Edward Jordan Sr., and Franklin rarely discussed her first two pregnancies. Ritz’s biography does identify Jordan Sr. as a “player” whom Franklin once knew.

How old was Edward Jordan when he impregnated Aretha?

Edward Jordan is the father of two of Franklin’s sons. At age 12, the music legend gave birth to her first child, Clarence, in 1955. She originally claimed the father was a schoolmate, yet in the wills she reportedly had handwritten, she refers to Edward Sr.

What is Aretha Franklin’s net worth?

Usually not, especially not when there is a solvent estate with assets ample enough to pay off the government. The Franklin estate was estimated to be worth approximately $80 million with ongoing earnings from music, licensing, and royalties. But during her lifetime, she had IRS issues with tax liens and more.