Who is Amy’s love interest in season 15 of Heartland?

Who is Amy’s love interest in season 15 of Heartland?

As fans may know, Marshall plays protagonist Amy Fleming on the show while Cormier played Finn Cotter, a character that was introduced in season 15 as a potential love interest for Amy. “Robert was truly a joy to be around. He had an infectious smile, and such a big heart.

Who is Amy’s new husband on Heartland?

In the first season her estranged father Tim returns, as does her sister Lou who had been working in New York. Amy starts a relationship with Ty Borden, a ranch hand, and the two eventually get married and have a baby.

Do Amy and Finn get together on Heartland?

Things are initially awkward between them, as, although friendly to one another, they do not have much of a connection. However, when Finn shares his knowledge and appreciation of tea, they find that they enjoy spending time together. Eventually, Finn asks Amy out, and she happily accepts.

What happens to Amy when Ty dies?

After the big reveal, Season 14 takes place a year after Ty’s death. In episodes 1 and 2, Amy is still numb with grief and has put her life on hold. Other members of the family are dealing with the loss in their own way and the early episodes are filled with flashbacks and grief.