Does Stone Cold have grandchildren?

Does Stone Cold have grandchildren?

Despite this, Stone Cold has three children and one grandchild. This grandson is actually the son of his step-daughter and thus, the 52-year-old, WWE legend is a step-grandfather to a young boy.

Did Sable win her lawsuit?

Her relationship with the company deteriorated just as quickly as she climbed to the height of her career. In 1999, Sable filed a $110 million lawsuit against WWE for sexual harassment and unsafe work conditions. Both Sable and the WWE settled outside the court.

How much does Stone Cold Steve Austin make?

What is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s net worth? The 1996 King of the Ring winner has an estimated net worth of around $30million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The money Austin made from headlining WWE pay-per-views, selling out shows and from his merchandise has never been topped.

Does Steve Austin own cold stone?

WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin® conquered both sports-entertainment and Hollywood, and now the “Texas Wrattlesnake is laying the snack down on the food and beverage industry with his new franchise, Steve’s Cold Stone Creamery®. “I scream, you scream, we all scream ‘WHAT?!