Is Zuri Terry Bradshaw’s real granddaughter?

Is Zuri Terry Bradshaw’s real granddaughter?

Terry Bradshaw’s eight-year-old granddaughter Zurie dishes on her newest young-love relationship and cracks jokes with her grandpa.

Does Terry Bradshaw have any biological grandchildren?

Through Tammy’s daughter, Lacey (who is married to chef Noah Hester), Terry is a grandfather to Zurie and Jebediah “Jeb” Hester. The two who affectionately refer to Terry as “Pappy.” Zurie was born in April 2013, and she became an older sister to Jeb in June 2017.

Who is Terry Bradshaw’s granddaughter Zuri’s mother?

That was the most Lacey has said on the topic and, although it’s unclear who Zurie’s dad is, her birth mom is Lacey and Lacey’s husband Noah Hester seems to treat Zurie the same as he treats his son with Lacey. Regardless of who Zurie’s birth father is, she is easily one of the standout family members of the show.

Who is Erin Bradshaw’s biological mother?

Her mother is Terry’s ex-wife, Charlotte Hopkins. Terry Bradshaw children are three in number. His biological children are Erin and her sister Racheal. Racheal is 33 years old and she is a professional country music singer.