Why was Drax replaced?

Why was Drax replaced?

Gunn, who is set to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 next, has set the record straight about Drax’s backstory, sharing the reasoning behind his decision to change the origin story. Asked by a fan on Twitter, the filmmaker said he didn’t want to have too many humans in a story set in space.

Are they replacing Drax?

Director James Gunn teased one of the characters will die in the upcoming sequel, and Bautista has confirmed that no matter what happens to Drax, he personally won’t come back. As he clarified on Twitter, “Drax isn’t going anywhere. He just won’t be played by this dude!”

Why is Dave Bautista not playing Drax anymore?

Bautista told Ellen Degeneres last summer that he wouldn’t continue playing Drax beyond the third “Guardians” movie, adding, “You know, the journey’s come full circle and I’m ready to kind of step aside and wrap it up. I didn’t think [me leaving the MCU] was going to be news because I figured everybody assumed it.

Why is Drax not in Guardians 3?

In a tweet last year, Bautista said that while the character of Drax may not be going anywhere, Bautista just wouldn’t play him anymore, due to his age. “Drax isn’t going anywhere,” Bautista said on Twitter. “He just won’t be played by this dude! By the time [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.