Are Drew and Ralph still together?

Are Drew and Ralph still together?

Drew has been married to husband Ralph Pittman for 8 years and the couple have two children together.

What happened to Drew on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

After going to the doctor, it was confirmed she had in fact torn her Achilles tendon — which left her on crutches and unable to walk for the time being.

What does Ralph from Real Housewives of Atlanta do for a living?

Ralph Pittman is a Husband, father, speaker, business strategist and the Founder and CEO of My Mind Music, an American Music Enrichment and Wellness company that curates therapeutic music to promote and improve quality of life.

Did Ralph and Drew get divorced?

The general consensus on social media is that Drew should divorce Ralph. But, the songstress has no plans of ending her marriage. Drew question Ralph about his assistant.