Where is MJ from Q13 news?

Where is MJ from Q13 news?

M.J. McDermott is a meteorologist at Q13 News, the FOX affiliate in Seattle, Washington, for which she has earned several Emmy nominations. She has a degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington, and is the first woman and broadcast meteorologist to win the U.W.

What has happened to Elita Loresca?

While some viewers have been speculating that she may have been exposed to COVID-19, that has not been confirmed. Aside from not appearing on ABC13, Elita has gone silent on social media as well. She hasn’t updated her Facebook page, her Twitter feed, or her Instagram account since January of 2021.

Who is the chief meteorologist on Channel 13 Houston?

Travis Herzog – Meteorologist – ABC 13 KTRK-TV | LinkedIn.