Who plays the receptionist in Spider-Man 2002?

Who plays the receptionist in Spider-Man 2002?

Spider-Man 2 (2004) – Emily Deschanel as Receptionist – IMDb.

How old is Betty in Spider-Man?

Betty Brant was the twenty year old secretary of the Daily Bugle Publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Betty seemed to share some interest in the freelance photographer Peter Parker, and despite the apparent age gap he didn’t hesitate to ask her out. Ms.

Who plays the bank teller in Spider-Man 2?

Joel McHale portrays Mr. Jacks, a bank teller.

Who plays Jameson’s secretary in Spider-Man?

Elizabeth Banks: Miss Brant. Jump to: Photos (4) Quotes (3)

Who was Spider-Man 2002 Best Friend?

James Franco as Harry Osborn: Peter’s best friend and flatmate, Mary Jane’s boyfriend and Norman’s son who is envious of his father’s apparent closeness with Peter.

Who is the little girl with the camera in Spider-Man 3?

Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Emma Raimi as Girl with Camera – IMDb.