Who is Aaron Gordon’s dad?

Who is Aaron Gordon’s dad?

Aaron Gordon

Is Eric Gordon Bahamian?

My mom and her side of the family are descendants of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, which was decimated by Hurricane Dorian. Thankfully, everyone in my family is safe, but the Bahamians need our help…

Where is Eric Gordon from?

Eric Gordon

How high can Aaron Gordon Jump?

He is the seventh-highest jumper of all time, with a personal best of 2.40m (7’10.5). Drouin won bronze at the 2012 Olympic Games with a jump of 2.29m (7’6.12) — the height that the Sport Science video claims Gordon’s dunk (listed at 7’7 in the video) would have beaten for the medal.

Where did Eric Gordon grow up?

Eric Gordon is an American basketball player who currently plays shooting guard for the Houston Rockets. He was born on Christmas Day in 1988 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He grew up in the Hoosier State, ultimately being named Mr. Basketball in Indiana and a McDonald’s All-American.

Who is Commissioner Gordons son?

Gordon and his wife, Barbara Kean are the parents of a son named James Gordon Jr. (Batman #404-407).