Why do pole dancers wear platform heels?

Why do pole dancers wear platform heels?

Dancing in them, both on and off the pole, increases your flexibility and strength. Just think of them like sexy little ankle weights! The platform not only makes them easier to walk in than normal heels, but we use the front edge of the platform to slip, slide, and slink around the pole and on the floor.

Are pleasers comfortable?

Pleasers are long-lasting, sturdy, and comfortable – not to mention stunning. Pleaser Shoes built over 27 years of customer trust and loyalty by consistently adhering to the highest standards.

What is a pleaser heel?

Called the “Pleaser” shoe, it is widely worn by dancers and sex workers. It has a platform that lengthens the leg, a high arch, and an ankle strap that anchors it securely on the foot. All the effects of the heel are enhanced by this clear shoe’s visually permeable insubstantiality.

What is a high heel pump?

A “pump” is defined as a shoe or boot style with flat or low heels. The heel can be non-existent, or it can be as high as one to one and one-half inch heel. The overall heel is wider and chunkier. This design enables the shoes to carry and support most of the feet’s (and the body’s) weight.