Who did Harry Macklowe leave his wife for?

Who did Harry Macklowe leave his wife for?

He revealed that he was in love with Patricia Landeau and he had been letting her live in an apartment in one of his building for two years before he decided to ask for a divorce.

How did Harry Macklowe make his money?

Macklowe Properties is a real estate developer, – investor, and – builder, based in NY. The company is responsible for the development of approximately 4.5 million square feet of Manhattan office and apartment buildings. As well as over 3,000 residential and hotel units.

How long were Harry and Linda Macklowe married?

But the Macklowes, who were married for 57 years, did not exactly celebrate in tandem. An insider told Page Six that Linda Macklowe (who is said to have had the real eye for art) was ensconced in a skybox at the auction, while Harry “worked the floor like a pro . . . He was having the time of his life.”

Why did macklowes divorce?

Macklowe told Ms. Macklowe that the marriage was over. The tabloids soon reported that he was having an affair with Patricia Landeau, the president of the French Friends of Israel Museum, in Jerusalem. By the end of last year, the Macklowes’ divorce had been granted.