How much RAM do I need for 6 people Minecraft server?

BungeeCord servers have an extremely low RAM requirement. We would recommend 1GB of RAM for any BungeeCord server. However, if you have plugins on your BungeeCord server you may want to increase this.


Amount of Plugins Recommended RAM
6-15 BungeeCord Plugins 2GB
16+ BungeeCord Plugins 3GB

1 more row

How much RAM should I dedicate to a Minecraft server?

Quick tip: You should always have at least 2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM allocated to “Minecraft.” If you’re planning on using a lot of mods, consider raising it to 4GB or 6GB. Just be careful not to take more RAM than your computer actually has available.

How much RAM do I need for 15 players Minecraft?

What Is the Recommended RAM for Minecraft Server?
RAM No. of Players World Size
6 Up to 40 Up to 30GB
8 Up to 90 Up to 60GB
10 150+ Up to 100GB
15 150+ 150+ GB

How much RAM does a 4 person Minecraft server need?

If you’re using a vanilla server, 512 – 2048 MB of RAM would be enough. If you’re running spigot with loads of plugins, then I’d recommend 4GB+ of RAM!

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How much RAM do I need for 7 mods?

How much RAM do I need for ATM7? GameTeam recommends at least 8GB of RAM to play ATM7 on a server. That number goes higher if there’ll be more modpacks and mods installed on the game, also you’ll need to add another GB for every 4-5 extra players. You can start with 10GB of RAM for 10 people playing All the Mods 7.

How many GB is good for a Minecraft server?

Requirements Players RAM
Acceptable 5-10 1 GB
Recommended 10-15 3 GB
Good 15-20 5 GB
Optimal 20+ 6 GB

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