Who is Adam from SM6 band?

Who is Adam from SM6 band?

Adam Michael Jones (born September 3, 2002) is a member of SM6 and is their lead guitarist and backing vocals.

Who are the SM6 band parents?

Personal life. Eliana is the daughter of Duane and Yvonne Jones. She is the second-youngest of the family and has 3 brothers, George, Adam, Jack, and 2 sisters, Isabel and Emily. She was born in Naperville, Illinois and grew up Geneva, Illinois.

Where does SM6 band live?

SM6 Band is in Boston, Massachusetts.

What does SM stand for in SM6?

Definition. SM6. System Mechanic 6. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

Is Adam Prendergast still in Harry Styles band?

A prolific writer and studio bassist, Adam is currently a key member of Harry Styles’ live band.

How old is Isabella from SM6?

Isabel Marie Jones (born February 13, 2001) is a member of SM6 and is the lead vocalist and bass guitar player.