How old is Antoni queer?

How old is Antoni queer?

Antoni Porowski’s early life and education Porowski is 38 years old as of April 2022. Born to Polish parents, he grew up speaking Polish, English and French. At the age of 12, the “Queer Eye” star relocated to Glade Springs, West Virginia with his parents and two sisters.

Is Antoni Porowski a real chef?

Antoni Porowski wasn’t the obvious choice to be the food expert on Queer Eye — he’s not a chef and he has no formal culinary training. When the show debuted in 2018, many people asked, “Can this guy actually cook?” Not the most reassuring reaction for a person who already struggled with impostor syndrome.

Does Antoni have a partner?

Since 2019, Porowski has been dating advertising executive Kevin Harrington.

Did Antoni and his boyfriend break up?

It was very amicable. They’re still friends. It was a clean split.” There’s no word on why the couple decided to keep the breakup to themselves, or why the source decided to share the information now.

Where did Antoni get his dog?

Antoni. Antoni, the group’s resident food expert, is the proud dog parent/dad-ager of Insta-star, Neon, a rescue dog from Austin. Antoni and husband Kevin Harrington began fostering Neon in early 2020 when production of Queer Eye was paused due to the pandemic.

Is Antoni Queer Eye a good cook?

He isn’t a classically trained chef. Antoni’s title on Queer Eye is “Food and Wine Expert” and he is careful to say that he’s not a chef, though he clearly knows tons about good food.