Where is Giovanny Valencia from?

Where is Giovanny Valencia from?

About. Giovanny is an Architect from Colombia with a background in politics, education and community development. In his home city of Bogota, he became involved in politics through campaigning and supporting local and national candidates in Colombia.

Did Giovanny and Lauren break up?

They initially split in March 2020 in a very public break up that involved rumors from both sides about the other person cheating. They attempted to trick fans into thinking they were getting back together as an April Fool’s prank but clarified that they weren’t actually dating again.

What ethnicity is Gio?

Gio (born Sergio Bermejo Romero, 6 April 1990) is a Spanish singer, actor, songwriter and producer.

Is Polo boy from TikTok a dad?

“Finding out PoloBoy has a whole living child was not how I thought my Tuesday was gonna go,” another added. In addition to expressing their shock, some fans also wanted to know more about who the baby was, and how Marco had come to be a father at a relatively young age.

Does Polo from TikTok have a kid?

polo boy confirms he has a son | TikTok Search.

How old is Evie from TikTok?

From openly showing her tics, to addressing the recent reported rise in patients displaying symptoms of the condition, the 21-year-old from County Durham says it’s her goal to raise awareness of Tourette’s syndrome.