Did Caroline Stanbury date Hugh Grant?

Did Caroline Stanbury date Hugh Grant?

Stanbury isn’t only well-connected when it comes to business – she’s apparently dated celebrities and royalty, too. When she worked in public relations at age 24, she was rumoured to have met and secretly dated actor Hugh Grant, according to The Sun.

Is Caroline Stanbury rich?

Caroline Stanbury is a British reality television star and businesswoman known for her work on the likes of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Ladies of London, and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. She has a net worth of roughly $30 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

How old is Carolyn Stansberry?

Caroline Stanbury

Is Caroline Stanbury a Vestey?

Caroline’s mother is part of the upper-class Vestey family and an old friend of the second wife of the Duchess of York’s father, Major Ron Ferguson.

Why did Coraline move to Dubai?

Not only has moving to Dubai for her husband Cem Habib’s job helped keep the family together, it’s also brought them closer, thanks to the city’s slower pace of life compared to London, Caroline said.

Did Ladies of London get Cancelled?

When season 3 came along, and Caroline revealed she was moving to Dubai, fans were disappointed she wouldn’t return for another season. However, Ladies of London ended up being canceled, and the Bravo cult classic was put on the back burner.