What is Hyunjin role in SKZ?

What is Hyunjin role in SKZ?

Hyunjin is the main dancer of Stray Kids. His full name is Hwang Hyunjin. He was a trainee at JYP for 2 years. He is an MC on Show Music Core.

How long did Hyunjin leave Stray Kids?

K-pop boy band Stray Kids’ member Hyunjin has resumed after apologizing and taking a break for four months over accusations of bullying that happened while he was in middle school (equivalent to junior high school in the Philippines).

Why is Hyunjin called Sam?

Hyunjin was born in Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, on March 20, 2000. He grew up with a pet dog and sometimes visited Las Vegas, where he used his English name, Sam. Once when he was shopping with his mother, he was scouted by JYP Entertainment to become a trainee.

Why was Hyunjin suspended from Stray Kids?

A member of K-Pop boy band Stray Kids has been suspended from all activities and has apologised after being accused of being a bully while he was in school.

Why did Stray Kids lose a member?

In JYP entertainment’s statement, it said he left because of personal reasons. That’s all we got.

Are Stray Kids allowed to date?

But as of the writing, the Stray Kids member is not dating anyone, most probably because K-pop entertainments do not allow dating among its artists.