Why did Ikaris betray the Eternals?

Why did Ikaris betray the Eternals?

However, in the film, Ikaris turned against the Eternals as they’re interfering with Tiamut’s Emergence, even killing Ajak to do so. In Eternals, it is mentioned that Sprite created the tale of Icarus based on Ikaris, while they were stationed in Athens.

Is Ikaris the traitor?

Film. Ikaris appears in Eternals, portrayed by Richard Madden. In the film’s story, Ikaris kills Ajak when he realizes that she wants to go against Arishem’s plan for the Emergence, which would have destroyed life on Earth. He betrays the rest of the Eternals, but is ultimately brought down by his love for Sersi.

Is Ikaris an enemy in Eternals?

Ikaris is the main antagonist of the 2021 superhero film Eternals, the twenty-sixth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As an Eternal created by Arishem the Judge, Ikaris devotes himself to the Celestial cause, helping to defend humanity from the monstrous Deviants.

Who is the Eternals villain?

Who Is Eternals Villain Kro? Kro is the leader of the Deviants, one of the ancient races created by the Celestials. We’ve explored the Deviants in greater depth before, but basically, they’re the dark opposite of the Eternals – a twisted, malformed race of monsters who believe they should inherit the Earth.

Who killed Arishem?

Arishem the Judge was one of the many victims of Thanos in his eternal quest to please Death. He was obliterated along his fellow Celestials by Thanos when he stabbed Black Bolt to death in order to use his destructive voice as weapon.

Is Arishem good or evil?

Type of Villain Arishem at the end of Eternals. The end of one life, is the beginning of another, Arishem the Judge’s most famous quote. Arishem the Judge is the overarching antagonist of the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals.