Did Audrina really date Justin?

Did Audrina really date Justin?

In her memoir, Patridge writes about her intense connection with her on-off flame, Justin Bobby Brescia, and how she’s never had that spark like that with anyone else. “Justin is always going to be that guy. Everyone has that guy,” she explains of her ex.

Did Audrina really sleep with Brody?

“I would say that the hardest part of it was having to live that fake reality and not being able to say, ‘I didn’t screw every girl on the show,’” the host of Sex With Brody said. “I didn’t have sex with Jen Bunney. I didn’t hook up with Audrina [Patridge].

Do Lauren Conrad and Audrina still talk?

“Unfortunately, one connection that didn’t last was my relationship with Lauren, who doesn’t really talk to anyone from the old cast,” writes Audrina in the book. “There are reasons that she and I aren’t friends anymore, and there was a lot of turmoil between us that we couldn’t talk about on-camera at the time.

Did Lauren Lo and Audrina live together?

“It’s what led to me moving out of the pool house out back when I lived with her and Lo [Bosworth].” Fans will remember a tense dynamic between then-housemates Patridge, Conrad and Bosworth, now 35, on Season 4 of the iconic MTV series that aired in 2008.

What did Audrina Patridge do to her lips?

Audrina Patridge reveals she uses non-surgical lip fillers to enhance her pout. After almost 15 years in the public eye, Audrina Patridge revealed the secret behind her perfectly full lips has been long-lasting, non-surgical.

Was Cory abusive to Audrina?

While promoting her upcoming book, Choices: To the Hills and Back Again, Audrina Patridge opened up about the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of ex-husband Corey Bohan.