Who is Correa with now?

Who is Correa with now?

Correa cashes in with Giants after rejecting Astros’ offer Instead of returning to the Astros, Correa signed a three-year, $105.3 million contract with the Minnesota Twins that contained opt-outs after each season.

What ethnicity is the name Correa?

Spanish: from correa ‘leather strap, belt, rein, shoelace’ (from Latin corrigia ‘fastening’, from corrigere ‘to straighten, to correct’), applied as a metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of such articles.

What nationality is the last name Correa?

Correa is a Spanish surname of Galician origin. Correa is found throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Correa means ‘leather strap’, ‘belt’, ‘rein’, ‘shoelace’, plural correas.