Why did Erin have to leave Chicago P.D.?

Why did Erin have to leave Chicago P.D.?

Why did Sophia Bush choose to leave Chicago PD? It was Bush’s choice to leave the series rather than a creative decision. At first, she announced that she was leaving for personal reasons. These are often down to stars wanting to move on to other projects or to avoid finding a character or TV series too stale.

Does Erin ever leave Chicago P.D.?

Chicago PD has parted ways with several characters over the years, but the most notable exit in the show’s history may just be Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush). The character was a centerpiece during the show’s initial run, and her decision to leave the IU left fans reeling.

Will Erin come back to Chicago P.D.?

Sophia Bush isn’t returning for Chicago PD Season 10 While most of the actors from the series have a good relationship with the show now despite leaving, Bush doesn’t.

Why was Lindsay removed from Chicago P.D.?

More Stories By Denise. Sophia Bush is revealing more about her reasons for leaving her role as Detective Erin Lindsay after four seasons on Chicago P.D. “It was a consistent onslaught barrage of abusive behavior,” Bush told Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast.

Is Hank Erin’s real dad?

However, a later DNA test aided by love interest Jay Halstead reveals a twist in the story. Sanguinetti is not her dad! A theory of fans is that Hank Voight, who takes in Lindsay as his daughter, is her actual father but this is more than likely not the case.

Who is Erin’s real father?

Erin Lindsay