Where in Seattle does Josie Bissett live?

Where in Seattle does Josie Bissett live?

Bissett and husband Thomas Doig moved from Lake Sammamish to 5 acres near Snoqualmie recently. She splits her time between there and Atlanta, where construction executive Doig now works, when she’s not traveling to film on location.

What happens to Jane on Melrose Place?

Shortly after being robbed at gunpoint several episodes later, Jane leaves Melrose Place and moves back to her hometown of Chicago. She eventually moves back to L.A. for the final season of the show. Jane and Michael rekindle their relationship, and they marry each other for a second time.

Who does Kyle McBride end up with?

Kyle’s problems with drinking, however, ended up straining his marriage to Amanda, and the two later divorced, leading to her reunion with Peter. Kyle was eventually joined in L.A. by his brother Ryan McBride, and began a relationship with Jane Andrews.

Who does Lexie end up with on Melrose Place?

After moving back and forth between her feelings for Peter and Ryan, Lexi eventually gave up on both and became smitten with Dr. Michael Mancini. Before the two could be married in the series finale, however, Lexi admitted that she was likely to cheat on Michael, and backed out of the wedding.

Who does Allison end up with on Melrose?

When Kimberly Shaw blows up the apartment complex in the season four premiere, Alison is left temporarily blind. After recovering, she dates and marries Hayley Armstrong, Brooke’s father.

Is Josie Bissett related to Jackie Bissett?

ANSWER: Although Jacqueline Bisset is, at age 52, old enough to be the mother of 26-year-old Josie Bissett, the two are not related.