Why is Maddie not with the team on MacGyver?

Why is Maddie not with the team on MacGyver?

“Meredith suffered an injury on set that was not dealt with properly… and had to get a hip replacement surgery and in-home care to recover fast enough to return to work the next season,” Till wrote.

Why was MacGyver Cancelled?

MacGyver was originally canceled because the general public had grown tired of the long-running television show, and even Richard Dean Anderson was growing tired of his most famous role.

Who is leaving MacGyver cast?

Cast shakeups are just part of the TV process when a show runs for multiple seasons. But dramatic cast shakeups are always of particular interest to the public. CBS’s MacGyver is set to debut its fourth season soon, but there’s one face who won’t be returning: Jack Dalton, played by George Eads.

Did Leanna Martin leave MacGyver?

She was killed in the line of duty.