Is Patricia Richardson going to be a regular on NCIS?

Is Patricia Richardson going to be a regular on NCIS?

Other than Timothy McGee himself, none of the McGee family members are series regulars on “NCIS,” but Margo Harshman’s Delilah has made 17 different appearances on the series since Season 11 (via IMDb). It is, therefore, possible that we could see Richardson back again as Judy at some point in the future.

Is McGee’s wife still alive on NCIS?

While McGee is not seriously injured, Delilah is left permanently paralyzed due to shrapnel embedded in her spine, and she thereafter uses a wheelchair; McGee struggles to cope with the thought of her being injured. She soon recovers from the incident and continues to assist the NCIS team.

Who plays Judy on NCIS tonight?

Patricia Richardson climbs on board this week’s NCIS as McGee’s feisty mother-in-law Judy, who’s here to teach us how to live life to the fullest (and to remind us not to leave fingerprints on our hookup’s wine glasses).

Why is Eleanor Bishop leaving NCIS?

At the end of NCIS Season 18, we found out that Eleanor Bishop would leave the team. Emily Wickersham had chosen to leave the series, and it was thought it was for other opportunities. It turns out that expecting her first baby with her partner also played a part in the decision. She gave birth in December 2021.

Is Jason Weatherly returning to NCIS?

While fans would love to see Weatherly return to the role that made him, it’s unlikely he will immediately return to the NCIS franchise.

Is Ziva returning to NCIS 2022?

The actress plays Ziva David September 12, 2022 – 10:20 BST Nicky Morris. Cote de Pablo delighted fans when she made a surprise return to NCIS in season 16 and 17 of the long-running police series.