Who was Rachel Bradshaw married to?

Who was Rachel Bradshaw married to?

Rachel Bradshaw

Is Zuri on The Bradshaw Bunch adopted?

She’s the biological mother of his step-daughter, Lacey Luttrull-Hester. Lacey is Zurie’s mother. Zurie was born in 2013, about one year before Terry and Tammy married, so she’s known him as her grandpa her entire life. Zurie is currently seven-years-old.

Is Rachel Bradshaw still with Dustin?

Rachel and Dustin ended their relationship in 2019.

Where does Rachel Bradshaw live now?

In 2017, she married her current husband, Scott. The couple now lives in Texas. Erin attended the University of North Texas to study Fashion Marketing. Interestingly, the Bradshaw family now have a reality show called The Bradshaw Bunch.

What is the net worth of Bradshaw?

Terry Bradshaw’s net worth His net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 million. His salary increased thanks to his NFL sports career and NFL analyst role on Fox Sports.

Did Bradshaw ranch sell?

The Bradshaw family finally made the definitive decision to sell the ranch and has moved into a new, smaller farm in Texas where they continue the Bradshaw Quarter Horse business.