Does Jill Duggar support Josh Duggar?

Jill and Dillard, 33, concluded their statement by sharing support for Josh, along with his wife, Anna Duggar, and their seven children: Mackynzie, 12, Michael, 10, Marcus, 8, Meredith, 6, Mason, 4, Maryella, 2, and Madyson, 7 months.

What are duggars saying about Josh?

While some Duggar family members allegedly still believe Josh is innocent, Jill and Derick do not. Their blog post made it clear that they think Josh committed the crimes. They said, “God has carried out his vengeance today for his unspeakable criminal activity.”

Does Jill Dillard talk to the Duggars?

Though Jill doesn’t talk to her parents much, she still keeps in touch with her sisters. Over the past couple of years, it seems like Jill keeps drifting farther away from parents Jim Bob and Michelle, but fortunately, her ties to her sisters still exist.

What is Jill Dillard doing now?

Since leaving TLC behind, Jill and Derick have been focusing on running the Dillard Family blog.