When did Jill Dillard have her second baby?

When did Jill Dillard have her second baby?

The newest addition to the Dillard family was born just one day before his elder brother Samuel’s birthday. Sam, the couple’s second child, was born July 8, 2017. Their eldest son, Israel, was born on April 6, 2015.

Did Jill Duggar go to her grandmother’s funeral?

Jill Duggar Shares Photos from Grandma Mary’s ‘Very Hard, Yet Beautiful’ Funeral Service.

Who is pregnant in the Duggar family 2022?

Jed Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, announced she is pregnant with their first child five months after the couple tied the knot. “She tested positive but not for COVID,” the dad-to-be captioned his Instagram post on September 5, 2021, revealing they are expecting their little one to arrive in Spring 2022.

Has Jill Duggar had her 3rd baby?

“We were excited to settle on the name Frederick and incorporate both Derick’s and his dad’s name, by just adding ‘Fre’ to the beginning of Derick’s name,” they wrote. Jill gave birth to her third son via an early C-section since the baby was originally due to arrive later in July.